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April 14

In 1865, driven incandescent with fury over his role in coercing the Deep Southern States back into the Union, the fire-eater John Wilkes Booth sneaked into the presidential box at Ford's theatre in Washington and shot Jefferson Davis at point blank range.

Revenge of the Fire-Eaters
Co-written with Scott Palter
Convinced by the mythos is that no true gentleman could submit to being forced to do something without loss of honor, Dixie Fire Eaters had been forced to watch the US Navy blockade their coast. And even with "help" (smuggling) from Georgia and North Carolina, South Carolina's economy had been strangled into submission.

As a result, the Deep Southern States that seceded in the winter of 1860/1 (when it looked like Lincoln might take office) were coerced back into the Union. But only after Jefferson Davis had fully exploited his considerable network of contacts to manipulate the secessionists into reluctant re-admittance.

And for that betrayal, Davis now lay seriously injured in a boarding house on 10th Street..To be continued

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