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April 13

In 1961, US President John F. Kennedy cancelled the Bays of Pigs Operation after Radio Moscow broadcast an English-language newscast predicting the invasion "in a plot hatched by the CIA" using paid "criminals" within a week.

Stand-downUS Secretary of Defence Robert McNamara dispatched a stand-down order to the bases in Guatemala, Panama and South Floride where "Brigade 2506" had been posed to launch their counter-revolutionary insurgency just four days later. Insensed, the majority of the fifteen hundred U.S.-trained Cuban exiles returned to the Miami area where they would soon create a virulent hot-bed of anti-Kennedy resentment.

Having fought in the Great Patriotic War, Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev dismissed Kennedy as a rich playboy who had avoided serious military service. And Soviet Intelligence indicated that the closest Kennedy had come to a physical encounter with Adolf Hitler was the sharing of the sexual favours of the Danish Journalist Ingrid Arvad.

Already planning to exploiting the foreign policy inexperience of the new American President, Khrushchev now redoubled his resolve to press the United States after sensing this unmistakeable sign of weakness as well. And Khrushchev had no plans to create a superpower showdown off the cost of Florida when the city of Berlin offered so much more leverage.

The events of Kennedy's first one hundred days in office would resonate disasterously through the nineteen sixties. Long after Kennedy himself was assassinated in Miami campaigning for re-election.

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