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April 9

In 1965, on this day the thirty-eighth Vice President of the United States Hubert Humphrey, Jr. was shot at the Jack Tar Capitol House Hotel in Baton Rouge.

Tragedy in Baton RougeThe Secret Service had received warnings that right-wing organizations would make an attempt on Humphrey's life because of his integrationist beliefs. But the Vice President had refused to cancel the trip because of a commitment he had made to the Governor of Louisiana, John J. McKeithen. In the event both men were critically injured by shots fired by three gunman in the ballroom of the hotel.

Humphrey made a partial recovery and although a shadow of his former self, had intended to serve out his term of office. However by early 1968 it was becoming increasingly clear that the President's own position was becoming untenable. The administration now required an alternative "Beat Kennedy" Candidate in order to prevent the hated New York Senator from seizing the nomination. To be continued..

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