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April 7

In 783 AUC, on this day radical Judean sicarii (pictured) ambush the Roman legionnaires and drag the good Rabbi Joshua away from Calvary despite his pleas that they should put up their swords in their scabbards.

The Calvary AmbushAlthough their justice had miscarried, the High Priests of the Sanhedrin dared not interfere because the sicarrii would call them traitors and cowards and then slit their throats in front of the crowd.

But instead the real resistance came from the rescue victim himself. He argued that he must do his father's bidding, but the sicarrii assured him that Joseph would never ask him to let himself be crucified. Nevertheless, even though their rash actions might have harmed all humanity, he knew that they performed them for the best of reasons and at great risk to themselves, so eternal blessings await them. That thought would comfort them during the Masada revolt, when they were all killed, along with the other defenders .. after telling the Good Rabbi to leave the country and keep preaching his word, perhaps across the sea.

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