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April 2

In 1836, on this day first reports of the fall of Washington-on-the-Brazos were received by President Andrew Jackson.

Fall of Washington-on-the-BrazosEver the cunning and crafty man, Santa Anna had bypassed the Alamo in order to catch the Texians by surprise. It was understood that both David G. Burnet and Sam Houston had perished in the brief struggle.

Of course Houston at least had the satisfaction of having wrung an unofficial approval from Jackson which he interpreted as a firm assurance of US intervention if need be. However neither man had imagined the Texian Revolution being crushed in such a decisive fashion. And so instead of a supporting intervention, Jackson now seriously considered a radical alternative: a broad invasion which would drive Hispanic influence out of the region. And impose unquestionable Anglo control on the land up to the Rio Grand.

Unbeknown to Messrs Bowie, Crockett and Travis, the defending forces at the Alamo Mission were now fighting for the Union. Whether those Union Forces arrived in time or not, it was an irrestistible opportunity for the Federal Government to forever burn itself into the fabric of the South.

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