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March 27

In 1746, Captain Francis O'Neill earnt honor in both victory and defeat after the Highland Uprising.

Hard Man
A teaser from Jackie Rose' novel
In real life, he shared in Bonnie Prince Charlie's defeat after the Highland Uprising. If the revolt had been successful, he would certainly have enjoyed the fruits of the victory. Presented here together, Rebel Rogue and Prince Charlie's Witch show these two alternative fates for this one "Hard Man" .. what actually happened and what might have been.

"Rebel Rogue" is a realistic historical romance, based on the true story of Captain O'Neill's adventures as a prisoner in Edinburgh Castle. In "Prince Charlie's Witch", a beautiful American time traveler changes the outcome and he rides triumphantly into London instead. A gallant, faithful hero in defeat, he becomes a charming, ruthless villain in victory .. but he's always an irresistible lover. I believe that this "hard man" will win your heart either way .. just as he won mine .. inspiring both these books and this dedication.
The full novel is available for download at the Extasy Books web site.

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