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March 26

In 1917, on this day the S.S. Kristianiafjord left New York Harbour. One of the passengers on board was carrying $10,000 and and a US passport in the name of Lev Davidovich Bronstein.

Trotsky Arrested at Halifax For the previous three months, the so-called "Jewish Bolshevik beast" Leon Trotsky had been living stylishly in New York, staying rent-free at a luxury apartment with a chaffeured limousine provided ex gratia by the Standard Oil Company. The global capitalist's plan was for Trotsky to link up with his revolutionary colleague Lenin who was travelling across Germany in a sealed train with the bulk of the funds, $5m in order to overthrow the provisional government and end the war with Germany.

But Trotsky never got as far as St Petersburg. At Halifax, Nova Scotia the Canadian immigration authorities arrested Trotsky. Having quickly established the true purpose of his mission, the Canadian Government wisely determined that any plan to end the war between Russia and Germany would result in a troop surge onto the Western Front. Canadian Prime Minister Robert Borden was in the process of drafting conscription legislation (the Canadian Military Service Act of 1917) and insisted that the British and American Government drop the Trotsky Plan.

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