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March 24

In 6024 post-creation, a fateful decision was made to re-open the doors of the Ark and accommodate a Late Passenger.

Horn of a Moral DilemmaThe great animal husbandman Noah had been awoken by the sound of the unicorn's hooves knocking against the hull but unfortunately by the time he appeared on deck the animal had given up in despair. By way of halting explanation his son Japhet complained that because there was no room on-board they had been forced to ignore the knockings. Distraught, and also fast becoming infuriated, he angrily warned his son that mankind would be forever cursed for abandoning the most magnificant beast of God's holy creation.

Drawn by the rising noise of the shouting, his other sons Shem and Ham appeared on the scene. With the rain falling heavily, a furious argument ensued until finally Noah forced the issue by mounting a horse and galloping after the unicorn. But by the time that they had returned, the water level was rising perilously fast. The doors of the Ark were opened to permit them to board, but havoc ensued with many of the animals crushed into such a small space. In the wild confusion, water flooded in, the vessel was capsized and all was lost.

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