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March 23

In 517 AD, on this day Artorius Ambrosius Arelianus rode out of the north gate of Cirinium (Cirencester) at the head of what was left of his Cataphracti (heavy Roman cavalry), the rest of the army tagging along behind. The Draco, a windsock with a dragon's metal head, which mades a noise as they ride along, the late Roman cavalry banner, was at the head.

Battle of Camlann, Reboot Part #1 by Ed & Richard RoperHe had to put down the rebellion and in any case his wife had been assaulted. There was also the problem of his child-heir. which Moderatus and Artorius's half-sister Anna were challenging as heir.

At camp on the way, his cousin Ambrosius (aka Merlin) rode in with the South Wales1 contingent. He persuaded Artorius to turn back and make the rebels come to him in Cirinium whilst their Angle allies arrive. This is backed up by Galerius Hadrianus (aka Sir Galahad). Modred (aka Moderatus), Morgana (Anna) and their supporters and , the Cunnedda eventually arrived and besiged Cirinium. Meanwhile Cissa, King of Sussex, as Bretwalda (overall Saxon ruler of Britain) marched up the Roman road from the east with their Saxon allies.

Also meanwhile King Loegerange, Winifrith's father, and King of the Angles in East Anglia declared a blood-feud because an Angle princess has been insulted by being assaulted in her own palace. Back in Angeln, Uncle Icel, King of Angeln declared a blood-feud. In any case it was politically convenient since a new home is needed for the Angles, something had to be done about the Saxons and Ciisa claiming to be Bretwalda and there were old scores to be settled with the Saxons, Hengist was an experience warlord used by the Danes agianst them.

The Angle fleet sailed up the Humber, having taken in the reinforcements from East Anglia and Bernicia ? North East England. They marched from the upper waters of the Trent to Crinium2. The Saxon-rebel host were beseiging Cirinium when the warhorns sound. Over the rise came the Angle3 host, in Roman order in Maniples in three lines and more or less keeping step.

Leodegrace and Ecil's standards were at the centre of the line, with their warbands and themselves in Roman style armour and Tufa Roman-style standards.

Cissa was killed as the Saxons are caught against the wall and ditch of Cirinium. Modred and Morgana tried to flee. The Cataphracti ring out to support the Angles. The Saxons are cut down in a pursuit down the Roman road.
This article continues in Part 2.

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