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March 23

In 296 AD, on this day a Roman Army under the command of Caesar Gaius Galerius Valerius Maximianus Augustus ("Galerius the Great") inflicted a crushing defeat on the Persians at the Second Battle of Carrhae ("Carrhae II").

Battle of Carrhae II
by Ed & Richard Roper
After making sure that the Saracen tribes were loyal he inherited a significant force of horse archers that enabled him to capture the Treasury, haarem and wife of the Hah. Bolstered by this prestige, he overthrew the senior emperor Diocletian and then proceeded to buy off the Western Caesar.

For political reasons, he quickly ended Dioclesian's persecution of the Christian population by issuing an Edict of Toleration. This astute move enabled him to deal with the Western Co-Emperor more easily. Declaring himself the sole Emperor, he renamed the capital of the Eastern Empire to Galerinople and became known to history as "Galerius the Great".
This article is an alternate outcome to the Greater Persecution in which Galerius also wins out but instead unleashes genocide on the Christians.

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