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March 21

In 1400, the treasonous intent of the final stanza of "The Complaint of Chaucer to his Purse" was punished by Henry Bolingbroke; the King signed an execution order for the poet's beheading.

The Beheading of Geoffrey Chaucer at Poet's CornerAlso imprisoned at the Tower of London was his former patron, Richard Plantagenet, the deposed monarch who had surrendered at Flint Castle to be spared his life. And ultimately, it was his fall from power that had thrown Chaucer out of favour and into serious debt. Because his endeavours to get renewed grants from the new king completely backfired; Henry IV decided to respond by clearing the remains of Richard II's influence.

Long after his death, Chaucer was acknowledged as the Father of English literature and the greatest English poet of the Middle Ages. In his honour the place of his execution was commemorated as the Poet's Corner.
This variant ending is a reboot of Jeff Provine's Chaucer Freed from Prison and Composes "Croun Retorned" ("Crown Returned") article.

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