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March 21

In 1984, on this day agents of the British Intelligence Service tortured, abducted and then murdered seventy-eight year old Hilda Murrell who had disturbed their search of her Shrewsbury home.

Gotcha Our lads sink Mrs Thatcher and her cabinetThe objective of their desperate search was a missing log book from the Falklands Conflict which contained a minute-by-minute record of the crucial hours before the sinking of the ARA General Belgrano in which 321 Argentinian sailors died.

Because the explosive truth was that Margaret Thatcher and her cabinet had ordered the HMS Conqueror to fire on the Argentine Cruiser - even though they were fully aware of a change of course which was taking the vessel OUT of the Royal Navy's Exclusion Zone. The orders for that headline grabbing but cowardly "shot in the back" had been wrongly passed on by Murrell's nephew, Royal Navy Commander Robert Green whose aunt was a campaigner against nuclear energy and weapons and thus suspected of holding on to the log book on her nephew's behalf.

Two days later the discovery of her abducted body triggered a sequence of events that would eventually lead to Margaret Thatcher's resignation and perhaps more significantly an end to the belligerent mindset of the secret state. Because not only had Murrell been sickeningly beaten, but the true rottenness of the act was the discovery of seminal fluid on her body indicating that the torture had been conducted by Intelligence Agents in a heightened state of sexual arousal. The theory has been explored in Graham Smith's book "Death of a Rose Grower: Who Killed Hilda Murrell?"

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