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March 17

It is 1947, the British have the Jewish and Muslim prisoners locked up together .. and the soldiers decide to taunt their captives by feeding them only pork.

Anti-Pork PactThis proves to be a bad idea, because the former bitter enemies are soon standing shoulder to shoulder, vowing to die together rather than defile themselves for eternity. Their protest sweeps like wildfire through both populations .. and it spreads throughout the world. Even the Grand Mufti and the Orthodox Jewish rabbis must call a press conference to grudgingly praise them all of their followers for observing the true sacred law.

When the UN votes for the partition into two states, the two groups greet it together. Following the American example, they vote to become two states in one nation...the United States of Abrahamia, paying tribute to their common ancestor, Abraham. Arab population growth combines with Israeli technology to create one of the most powerful nations on Earth. A famous American developer builds new suburban Levittowns there, welcoming both groups. Intermarriage soon brings them even closer together with very few objections, since all the men are circumcised, after all .. and Mohammed himself had a Jewish wife.

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