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March 14

In 2016, on this day of infamy, the Barack X Olympic Stadium in Chicago was blown up in a terrorist attack by the Military Order of the Brothers in Christ (MOBIC).

War on IslamLess than one hour later, drone aircraft smashed into the Twin Minarets that had only recently been erected at Ground Zero in New York City. Needless to say, the Islamic Republic of America's plans for the Summer Olympics were thrown in disarray.

But it soon emerged that both events had been carefully orchestrated to conceal MOBIC's true purpose which was to break Dubya out of imprisonment on Guatanemo Bay. And whilst a number of handpicked Uyghur Fedayeen Guards were killed in the struggle, the mission failed to achieve its central objective. Ironically, much of the military hardware used in the terrorist attacks had been authorised by Dubya himself during the ill-fated "War on Islam".

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