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March 9

In 1566, on this day an incredible demonstration of will power and steely resolve by Mary, Queen of Scots saved the life of her Torinese private secretary, David Rizzio.

Mary, Queen of Scots defends David Rizzio
Part 1
Rebels had entered the Palace of Holyroodhouse and overpowered the royal guards while they took supper in the Queen's chambers. Led by Patrick Ruthven, 3rd Lord Ruthven they burst into the private dining room and demanded at gun point that the heavily pregnant monarch hand Rizzio over. But her hysterical screams alerted the people of Edinburgh and several hundred local men poured out of the local taverns and ran to Holyrood with makeshift weapons. At this point the iron dripped into the Queen's soul when the rebels tried to force her to go to the window and dismiss them.

The showdown had positive consequences for the respect of Stuart authority, and also enabled Rizzio to achieve his desired elevation to Secretary of State.
This story continues in Part 2.

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