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February 29

In 1808, the "Leap Year Day Massacre": American settlers in the Ohio Territory are attacked by hostile Indian tribes.

Leap Year Day MassacreMany are killed. When news of the slaughter reaches colonial authorities, British troops are dispatched to "restore order" and avenge the settlers' deaths. Dozens of Indian villages will be burned to the ground and their inhabitants killed. In the aftermath, the British will repudiate the tacit understanding which had existed between them and the tribes that white settlement would be restricted and the natives' sovereignty respected.

Ohio will be formally organized as a British colonial province, and the offending tribes' lands will be confiscated.

The result of this action will be a series of bloody so-called "Indian Wars" which will seriously harm relations with what had been friendly tribes in Ohio and the neighboring Michigan Territory. As one result, British negotiations to acquire formal sovereignty over Michigan will collapse. They will not be resumed for more than twenty years, after the deaths of several key tribal chiefs.

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