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February 23

In 1836, having saved the remnant Mexicans from Commanchees, the liberation forces of La Provincia de Texas commanded by López de Santa Anna arrived at San Antonio de Béxar and rescued the garrison trapped at the Alamo Mission.

Legend of The Liberator:
How the South-West was Won
Of course long before this late stage in the hostilities the Spanish Authorities had realised the full significance of their historic error in selling the Port of New Orleans to the United States Government. This limited transaction had revealed their equivocal commitment to the region, and in retrospect, they would surely have been better advised to relinquish the entire Louisiana Territory. But they hadn't, and instead, this costly thirty year struggle had ensued.

The nearest Spanish Garrison was in Sante Fe. However armed Anglo settlers had begun to arrive in numbers and change the military balance of the region. But like Simon Bolivar, Santa Anna played a pivotal role in carving out an independent new nation in the Americas. He founded a South-western Confederacy stretching from Oklahoma and Arkansas through to the Gulf of Mexico, and more than that, he ensured that the new nation was viable by forging a comprehensive political and military partnership with the United States.

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