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February 21

In 1794, on this day the seventh President of the United States Louis St Ann (real name López de Santa Anna) was born in Xalapa, New Spain.

Birth of Seventh US President Louis St AnnAlthough he came from a respected Spanish colonial family, he broke with the criollo middle class by converting to protestantism and obtaining US citizenship (after obscuring his place of birth). And unquestionably his patriotism was on shining display throughout the war of 1812. Enlisting in an infantry regiment, he was quickly promoted to Lieutenant and then Captain before the age of twenty. But it was his remarkable military service during the famous Battle of New Orleans that firmly established Santa Anna as an American hero that transcended the bigotry of that era.

After the War, he remained in the region, emerging as a strong candidate for Senator of Louisiana. It was this political platform that served as a stepping stone to the White House in 1839. A century later, the hispanic features of this national icon, our "Napoleon of the West" illuminated the face of Mount Rushmore.
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