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March 20

In 1606, five months after the Gunpowder Plot succeeded, the dramatically altered political context permitted the bard William Shakespeare to pen Henry VII, a biting anti-monarchist satire of the protaganist and his immediate successors.

The Bard writes Henry VIIWriting a century later, the play opens with a nightmarish vision of England in 1485, a country ravaged for decades by conspiracy, violence, murders, coups and countercoups. These conditions are favourable to the usurpation of the throne by the fugitive Henry Tudor, a false king favoured by luck, guile and ruthlessness.

Of course the foundation of the Tudor Monarchy was the intermarriage between the Houses of York and Lancaster, a union that might bring to an end the bloody century-long Wars of the Roses. But instead, the country had merely gained a controlling, paranoid and avaricious monarch.

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