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February 13

In 1639, on this day King Robert II's second-choice military commander John Lilburne took charge of the Tudor Army defending Newcastle from the latest Scottish attack in the decades-long "War of the Crosses".

Essex Rebellion #3
co-written with Richard Roper
Upon arrival he was shocked to discover that contrary to first reports his first choice predecessor Oliver Cromwell was very much alive. Astonishingly, the iconic Monarchist General had turned his coat and joined the Jacobite forces of the pretender to the English throne Charles Stuart, King of Scotland.

Fundamentally, this personal decision was driven by considerations of faith rather than politics. A devoutly religious man who answered first and foremost to God, Cromwell had formed an unshakeable reformist mentality as he matured in years. And during his prayers before the Battle of Newcastle, he had mistakenly determined that the Stuarts rather than the Tudors were better placed to uphold true religion and virtue.

It was quite true that the Stuarts had repeatedly played the Calvanist Card throughout the seventeenth century. But before too long, he would discover a shattering deeper truth. That just about the only thing the Stuarts wanted in life was the throne of England. It was a bitter revelation that would force Cromwell to depart for the Virginian Colonies and open up a brand new chapter in the "Essex Rebellion".
This post is a reversal of Robbie Taylor's King Robert article and continues the Tudor B*stards thread.

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