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February 10

In 1567, on this day Mary, Queen of Scots murdered Lord Darnley (pictured), her cousin, estranged husband and also the father of her infant son James Stuart. His body (and that of his servant) was secretly buried in the orchard of Kirk o' Field, Edinburgh, where they had been staying.

Mary, Queen of Scots defends David Rizzio
Part 2 by Ed & Eric Oppen
Described as "the best proportioned long man she ever saw", her majesty had become passionately infatuated with him during her first years in Scotland. However, she soon discovered that he was power-hungry, vicious and totally unreliable. His transparent desire to seize the thrown for himself and his own branch of the Stuart family infuriated many of the Scottish nobility who required little encourage to revert to lawlessness, violence, feuds and rapacity. The consequence was a loyalist rebellion led by Mary's right-hand man, Lord James Stewart.

However the motive was much simpler. It was the shocking discovery of his leading role in the attempt to murder her Torinese private secretary, David Rizzio that had occurred when she was seven months pregnant with the future King of Scots, James VI. But despite the suspicions of many, Henry Stewart's death was attributed to natural causes because he had been sick at the time of his murder, and it was known in court circles that was why he and Mary were sleeping apart.

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