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January 25

In 217 BC, with the arguments of the anti-Barca coalition discredited by an unbeaten run of stunning victories the Carthaginian Council finally agreed to provide Hannibal with the overwhelming resources necessary to assault Rome.

Carthaginian Council backs the assault on RomeOriginally caused by a multidecade trading conflict against the Greek cities within the Ionian Sea, the Second Punic War had been privately financed by the Spanish territory and the Barca family, several nobles and military leaders within Carthage.

Weary of ending all of his councils of war with the vacuous phrase "Rome must be destroyed", Hannibal changed his strategy deciding to appeal to the Carthaginian Council with a demand for the resources necessary to complete the campaign. In the event he was given the war machines of Archimedes which had been built for the defence of Syracuse.

From a purely military perspective, the conquest of Italy was a stunning success. The strategic insertion of multiple invading armies onto the Italian peninsula forced the Romans to divide their forces allowing the Carthaginians to transport their siege equipment down the Tiber to Rome. But the fulfilment of Hannibal's promise to his father Hamilcar (that he would eternally hate Rome) would have unexpected consequences for Carthage long after the salting of Roman Capital. That unknown variable was the re-emergence of the Grecian Cities under the re-invigorated leadership of the Macedonians.

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