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January 24

In 0, on this day the lesser creator God Nebro set Adamas into human flesh trapped inside the boundaries of the flawed little world called Earth.

Good News according to JudasTwo steps removed from the imperishable realm of divinity, the first man was misdirected by sense. And without the necessary leadership, he was utterly incapable of returning to the heavenly home. Lost in a terrifying reality, millennia passed before the Great Spirit El chose to intevene and show humanity how to set itself free.

El sent a teacher, an agent of the purpose. Only one man was great enough to grasp the whole message, and he was directed to release the teacher from the human flesh (pictured). But the sincerity of his actions were twisted by knaves. His testimony was secreted in a cave for thousands of years before the ultimate truth was finally revealed to the rest of humanity.

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