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March 25

In 2013, on this day of high drama, Government workers were sent home by the forty-fifth US President Willard ("Mitt") Romney. An article from the Deadlocked 2012 Election thread.

Deadlocked Election prevents America going over Fiscal Cliff 3Contrary to emotionally charged (indeed, factually incorrect) headlines such as "Romney to City - Drop Dead!" and "Let Washington go bankrupt!" the Federal Shutdown was in fact a carefully considered scenario that had been extensively "war-gamed" by Romney aides even before the deadlocked election.

The inauguration of Romney-Biden, and subsequent appointment of Paul Ryan as US Secretary of the Treasury had raised a glimmer of hope that a bipartisan agreement might possibly be reached. But instead, Congress had totally gridlocked, and with the Federal Government headed for shutdown, Romney had played the call he had been holding to his chest all long by calling their bluff and sending workers home.

Too late, Congressional Leaders had buckled, but the problem was they could not assemble in the capital to reach a new agreement with the Romney White House because the whole of Washington was locked after the employees have been sent home.

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