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January 16

In 1935, Polish forces crossed the German frontier in Poleranian and Silesia, and reached the Oder and Neisse rivers within a week. East Prussia was occupied within four days.

War Against Hitler by Stan Brin"This is a war against Hitler", Polish radio declared, "not against Germany. We will withdraw the moment that Hitler and his henchmen are in our hands" . Ten days after the outbreak of the war, Polish troops captured Frankfurt and spread across eastern Germany, virtually unopposed. Everywhere they went, they hanged captured nazi party members. French troops stationed in the Rhineland swept into Saxony and southern Germany. French and Polish forces met at the Elbe on March 1. Two days later, Hitler, Himmler, Goering, and the rest of the nazi leadership arrived at the Swiss border seeking asylem. After threats from the French, the Swiss returned Hitler and his party to German territory.

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