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January 10

In 1948, on this day a long-term plan to uniformly recognize academic qualifications throughout the British Commonwealth was announced by the Secretary of Education Ernest Bevin (pictured).

Children of "the Few"Just eight years before, an international force of servicemen known as "the Few" had saved the home islands from German invasion. These brave men from Poland, New Zealand, Canada, Czechoslovakia, Australia, Belgium, South Africa, France, Ireland, America, Jamaica, the British Mandate of Palestine and Southern Rhodesia had risked their lives to fly the Spitfires and Hurricans that won the Battle of Britain.

Churchill said it was our "Finest Hour", but that was yet to come. Because the future was theirs, and surely if their qualifications were good enough for the Royal Air Force, then their childrens qualifications should be good enough for future employers. In the decades to come the Bevin Plan would ultimately create a free labour market that would enable qualified professionals to migrate to other Commonwealth countries without experiencing prejudicial local barriers to employment. It was nothing less than the creation of a glorious multi-racial Commonwealth of Socialist worker rights, built upon the smoldering ashes of a racist Empire sustained by slavery.

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