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'White House Wimp' by Todayinah Ed.
Todayinah Editor Todayinah Ed. says, what if General McChrystal had never taking his eye off the real enemy: the wimps in the White House? If you're interested in viewing samples of my other work why not visit Todayinah site.

June 27

In 2010, newly appointed Secretary of General Affairs David Petraeus regretfully announced that Marine Two had been lost over Deerhurst as Vice President Joseph Biden, Jr. departed the G8 venue.

Bite MeBiden had most recently been at the centre of a dispute surrounding the Commander of International Security Assistance Force in Afghanistan, Stanley A. McChrystal. The General had dismissed the counterterrorism strategy being advocated by Vice President Joe Biden as "shortsighted," saying it would lead to a state of "Chaos-istan".

Thankfully, such an outcome had been averted by a series of meetings on June 23rd which had released the US military from the unworkable constraints of civilian control. Matters had been coming to ahead since a meeting in Paris in which McChrystal said (with a laugh) "Are you asking about Vice President Biden. Who's that?". "Biden?" suggested a top adviser. "Did you say: Bite Me?".

June 30

In 2011, on this day the Allied High Representative Dr Marjorie "Mo" Mowlam flew out of Kabul Airport having completed a hugely successful twelve-month political development program in Afganistan.

Job DoneDuring the previous summer, the US military had successfully faced down its civilian masters during the so-called "Wimps in the White House" crisis. Fortunately, senior figures in the chain of command had had the intelligence to perceive that by sharing his sharing his private thoughts with a reporter from Rolling Stone Magazine Stan McChrystal's had made a cry for help. Having been locked in a negative spiral of events incomprehensible to the military mind, McChrystal had followed a well-worn route by expressing his rage and frustration without fear of consequence. Because in the final analysis, with his brother and sister officers dying on a failing mission, his own future seemed a matter of little concern. The truth was he had sacrified his own career to get the mission back on track by creating a political storm back home.

"Nobody does it like Mo" ~ Tony BlairPresident Obama recalled McChrystal to Washington to explain himself, but when he refused to apologise for stating the truth, newly appointed Secretary of General Affairs David Petraeus sent the General back to Afghanistan to continue his leadership of the International Security Assistance Force.

Petraeus then sought the right person to lead the broader political development mission, soon finding that Mo Mowlam was the obvious candidate. As Secretary of State for Northern Ireland, Mowland broke a logjam in the Northern Ireland Peace Talks by confronting former terrorists in the Maze Prison, an act of outstanding leadership that had forced Tony Blair to admit "nobody does it like Mo".

January 28

In 2012, on this day shocking new evidence that Barack Obama was born in Kenya, combined with ongoing difficulties in withdrawing US forces from Afghanistan contributed to Stan McChrystal's unexpectedly strong showing in the South Carolina Democratic primary, an unexpected outcome which opened the door to a senior position in the President's second term.

Natural Born CitizenThe General had famously quit the US military after being fired by Obama for sharing his private thoughts with a reporter from Rolling Stone Magazine. Recalled to Washington, McChrystal had refused to apologise for saying what he thought, a candid approach which was central to his Presidential campaign.

The emphasis that he was a natural born American re-opened the controversial claim that Obama was born in Kenya, which if proven would prevent his re-election under the Article II "natural born Citizen" provision and also the Fourteenth Amendment citizenship clause of the US Constitution. The issue was first raised during a telephonic interview on October 12, 2008 when Obama's step-grandmother, Sarah Obama told Bishop McRae that she was present to witness Obama's birth in Kenya

July 4

In 2010, French President Nicolas Sarkozy announced that the French Republic had extended political sanctuary to Barack Obama, until the previous week the President of the United States. In the mansion of the Vice President, Joseph Biden was descibed as comatose in bed from the effects of a brief but severe virus but resting comfortably there.

Obama Gets Political Sanctuary in FranceAcross the French political spectrum, there was praise for Sarkozy's extension of France's usual and familiar protection to friendly foreign VIPs. Obama joins in French exile several forgotten leaders, including Baby Doc Duvalier (Haiti). Obama --- wealthy from book royalties and the Nobel Peace Peace winnings ---- is expected to retire to a French mansion, probably near mountains so that Michelle can enjoy skiing. Obama is expected to follow the pattern of his colleagues in exile and to promote a rival government from France in competition with the Pentagon's regime.

Obama released a brief note to the world press that he had never resigned as President of the United States and that he intends to return to the active exercise of his power. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said that she was instructing the federal bureaucracy to follow the written special order signed by Obama and Biden just before Biden fell ill with his virus. "It is very plain that full executive leadership has gone to General Petraus who was appointed the Secretary for General Affairs while this nation remains at War in Afghanistan and Iraq".

Former President William Clinton and former Presidents George HW Bush and George W. Bush have volunteered to be a spokesman for the Secretary of General Affairs while he resides at the White House.

"It is just to bring normalcy to the country in this challenging crisis period", said Clinton.

According to well informed sources, American submarines carrying nuclear missiles aimed at Russia and China have followed their regulations and have gone undersea on news of confusion in the USA government. Those submarines commanders have not yet responded to calls from the Pentagon, not even when they have been addressed by Clinton, Bush the father or Bush the son. The submarines are supposed to be able to remain submerged for the next five years without need for more supplies.

June 23

In 2010, on this day the newly appointed Secretary of General Affairs David Petraeus appeared on the White House Lawn to re-assure the American people that he had ordered Commander General Stanley A. McChrystal to fly back to Kabul to resume his leadership of the International Security Assistance Force in Afghanistan.

Run It His Way GeneralThe publication of a critical article in Rolling Stone Magazine had demonstrated that civilian control of the military was no longer workable because politicans had eroded the trust necessary for the team to work together to achieve our objectives in Afghanistan, declared Petraeus. "Whilst McChrystal's behaviour did not meet the standard that should be set by a commanding general, he had nevertheless earned a reputation as one of our nation's finest soldiers".

"Obama clearly didn't know anything about him, who he was. Here's the guy who's going to run his f*#king war, but he didn't seem very engaged. The Boss was pretty disappointed"The creation of an all-powerful Cabinet position would enable Barack Obama to focus on the financial crisis, whilst the military focused on achieving a successful outcome to the Aghanistan mission before the intended withdrawal scheduled for summer 2011.

President Obama confirmed that there was "no difference in policy with General McChrystal because we are in full agreement about our strategy" and he would not stand in the way of the US Government's decision through "any sense of personal insult" arising from McChrystal's recorded statements. The President of Afghanistan Hamid Karzai had expressed his hope that "We hope there is not a change of leadership of the international forces here in Afghanistan and that we continue to partner with Gen. McChrystal".

To demonstrate the vital importance of continued American presence in the region, Petraeus was pleased to confirm that Halliburton had been awarded a no-bid contract to extract a large mineral deposit of lithium worth an estimated $1 trillion which had been recently discovered in Afghanistan.

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