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'Titanic 13' by Guest Historian Chris Oakley
Guest Historian Guest Historian Chris Oakley says, in this thread we explore a Titanic Survives alternate scenario. If you're interested in viewing samples of my other work why not visit the Changing the Times web site.

August 30

On this day in 1914, RMS Titanic captain William Murdoch resigned his position to volunteer for active service in the Royal Navy two days after Great Britain declared war on Germany.


October 20

On this day in 1913, repairs were finally completed on the RMS Titanic, which had been gutted by fire the previous April.                                                                                        


April 13

On this day in 1912, the author of the anonymous letter linking the Titanic fire to German spies came forward to British authorities and was whisked to a safe house in Wales for his own protection.


April 14

On this day in 1912, repairs began on the RMS Titanic.

The passenger liner had been gutted by fire on April 9th in what British authorities were swiftly coming to realize was a case of arson perpetrated by the Imperial German counterintelligence service.


April 9

On this day in 1912, the Royal Mail Steamer Titanic was gutted by fire just 24 hours before she was scheduled to depart on her maiden voyage from Ireland to New York City. Initially the arson was blamed on Irish terrorists, but British authorities learned otherwise when an anonymous letter mailed by a staffer at the German embassy in London linked the fire to agents of the Imperial German intelligence service and suggested the fire had been set as a warning to the British government not to intervene in the ongoing diplomatic standoff between Serbia and Germany's main foreign ally, Austria-Hungary.


February 1

On this day in 1916, the submarine U-20, responsible for sinking the RMS Titanic, was itself sunk by Royal Navy destroyers.                                                                                    


September 16

On this day in 1917, former RMS Titanic lookout Frederick Fleet committed suicide in Manchester, England. Fleet, riddled with guilt because he was convinced he was responsible for the ocean liner's sinking by a German U-boat, had lapsed into alcoholism after the ship was sunk; he blew his brains out with a .38 revolver.


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