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'Surprise Attack' by Guest Historian Chris Oakley
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August 9

In 1945, the last human being on Earth died of radiation poisoning, effectively marking the extinction of the human race as a result of the global catastrophe Enola Gay's crew had unwittingly unleashed on the world with their atomic bomb raid on Hiroshima three days earlier.

Last Man DownNot only was all human life destroyed, but 99 percent of the planet's plant and animal species also perished; even cockroaches weren't spared from the apocalyptic horror. The few life forms left on Earth in the aftermath of the catastrophe were little more advanced than bacteria, and these too would perish as radioactive fallout rendered the once-virile planet a barren desert.

August 6

In 1945, on this day at 8.15 am B-29 Enola Gay, piloted and commanded by 509th Composite Group commander Colonel Paul Tibbets drops the nuclear bomb "Little Boy" on Hiroshima.

Surprise AttackEnola Gay turns around to head back to North Field, an airbase on Tinian in the West Pacific. The crew observe a huge mushroom cloud forming Hiroshima over the destroyed city. The cloud continues to expand. 250 km off the coast of Japan, the cloud is still expanding in their direction. They radio North Field for further instructions. Inside the deepest recesses of Colonel Paul Tibbets disciplined military mind, the most dreadful suspicion starts to take shape.

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