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'Stalingrad Rangers' by Guest Historian Chris Oakley
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February 3

In 1943, the last pockets of German resistance in the Soviet city of Stalingrad surrendered to the Red Army after one of the largest and bloodiest land battles of the Second World War.


One crucial element of the Soviet victory over the German Sixth Army was the support of a contingent of U.S. Army Rangers who'd been inserted into the Stalingrad pocket via parachute in late 1942 just as the Red Army was launching its counterattack against the main German front; prior to the parachute drop, the Rangers had traveled to Siberia via a long and hazardous Pacific convoy route from Hawaii and then been sent by train to the Caucausus.

March 22

In 1968, a New York publishing company printed what would later be called the definitive book on the U.S. Army Rangers' role at Stalingrad. Titled Volga Snow, it revealed a number of previously classified details about the tortuous route the Rangers used to get first from Hawaii to Siberia and then from Siberia to the banks of the Volga.


The book also shed new light on the difficult negotiations between the White House and the Kremlin which cleared the war for the Rangers to enter the Soviet Union.

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