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'The Pete Best Story' by Alternate Historian Robbie Taylor
Alternate Historian Alternate Historian Robbie Taylor says, in which the little known Beatles member leaves the Fab Four to launch a fabulous solo career whilst his Mersey colleagues retreat into obscurity. If you're interested in viewing samples of my other work why not visit Ratmanifesto site.

February 7

in 1964, Pete Best's old band, The Silver Beatles, arrive in New York to test the waters for an American tour. Ed Sullivan books them as a novelty act, but the show is a flop, and their hoped-for American tour never materializes.

February 9
In 1993, following his unexpected success in classical music, former Pete Best bandmate Paul McCartney releases his operetta Off The Ground. It follows the theme he had laid out in his Liverpool Oratorio of the dignity and beauty of love of the people of Liverpool in post-war England. The mature sound he was able to create delighted classical critics and audiences alike, and McCartney left popular music behind after this.

February 10
In 1968, Best, Ltd. begins handling all of international superstar Pete Best's financial affairs. He regrets this in a few years when the company comes close to bankruptcy. In 1973, he allowed a new CEO, Michael Milkin, to take over the company, and Milkin's unwise investments nearly led to Best's ruin.

February 11
In 1963, Pete Best, international superstar, records his huge hit album When Youre My Love. The album shoots to the second spot on the British charts days after its release, and there is talk across Europe and America of the new sensation from Liverpool.

February 26
In 1970, Pete Best releases his Best, One More Time album, featuring the classic Little Jane, a song he wrote to help his niece through the breakup of her parent's marriage.

February 28
In 1966, Liverpool's Cavern Club, where superstar Pete Best had gotten his start, closes for the final time. Best regretted the closing, saying, 'I had some cool times in there,' but did little to help. Some think that he resented the club's owner because he had continued booking Best's old band, The Silver Beatles, and that's why he refused to assist them in staying open.

March 16
In 1964, Pete Best's album Your Love Is Mine was released, and immediately started breaking music industry records. It shattered Elvis Presley's record of concurrent hits on the Top 100, it held all 5 top spots at one point, and it was the best-selling record of its time, among others.

August 2
In 1961, the Silver Beatles, headed by drummer Pete Best, begin regular engagements in Liverpool's Cavern Club. After Best leaves the band the next year, they keep playing with replacement drummer Ringo Starr, but without Best, the band has no real charisma.

August 3
In 1963, the Silver Beatles give their final performance, sans Pete Best, at the Cavern Club in Liverpool, England. Since their parting of the ways with Best, their crowds have been getting smaller and smaller, and the management has asked them to find some other venue to perform in.

August 12
In 1960, future international superstar Pete Best started playing with the band Silver Beatles, and was their drummer for 2 tumultuous years in Liverpool and Germany. After leaving them, Best became so famous that former bandmate John Lennon said he was 'bigger than Jesus, now, isn't he?'

December 31
In 1969/1969, Jimi Hendrix and his Band of Gypsies put out their first album, the self-titled Band of Gypsies. Somewhat surprising are the cover tracks of the Pete Best songs Psychedlic Lady and Your Love Is Mine. Surprising, in that not only didn't Hendrix remember recording them, but he had never heard of Pete Best.

March 8
In 1962, international superstar Pete Best made his television debut on the BBC, performing with his old band The Silver Beatles on the musical show Teenager's Turn. Best would soon decide to go his own way, which turned out to be disastrous for his old bandmates, but a bonanza for him.

January 25
In 1964, Pete Best's single Come Dance With Me topped the charts in America. Hot on the heels of his first American tour, the success he enjoyed in America convinced Best to move there and take advantage of their larger audience for his music.

April 12
In 1963, international sensation Pete Best releases his huge hit Between Us, which jumps to the top of the charts on both sides of the Atlantic. He starts planning his first world tour.

July 25
In 1964, Pete Best's album, Lovin' Through The Night, goes #1 and stays at the top of the charts for 14 weeks. It is then used as the soundtrack for a film of the same title, which also leads the box office for several weeks.

July 29
In 1965, the Pete Best movie Mayday! opens in London, with Queen Elizabeth herself in attendance. It's another smash triumph for Best's career.

August 22
In 1968, Cynthia Lennon is sued for divorce by former Pete Best bandmate, John Lennon. Mrs. Lennon, apparently unsatisfied by her husband's lack of musical success, had begun seeing other musicians, and Lennon had had enough. The bitter court battle was eagerly watched by Bestmaniacs, because several salacious details about Pete Best's time in Germany came spilling out during the hearings.

August 30
In 1984, John Lennon raises a quarter million dollars in a charity auction of Pete Best memorabilia. The collection he had been saving since their days in Hamburg together brings in $257,650, in addition to promoting Lennon's book about Best, I Want To Tell You.

September 3
In 1955, the band Bill Haley & The Comets, overcoming a fear of flying, booked their first tour outside the U.S. Ironically, the entire group was killed as the plane they were riding across the Atlantic was struck by lightning and crashed into the water. A young Pete Best, who'd had tickets to the show they had been scheduled to play in Liverpool, wrote a song about it in 1969, called Comet in the waves.

September 6
In 1968, guitar god Eric Clapton lent his talented strings to the song Casting My Spell on Pete Best's album Mr. Maestro. Clapton's recreation of the song on tour with Best created some of the most electric moments in modern music, and made the Maestro tour the most highly-touted Best tour of all.

April 21
In 1963, the Gathering Moss met superstar Pete Best when they opened for him at the Crawdaddy Club in Richmond, England. Best, who had played in some seedy dives with his old band, The Silver Beetles, took the Londoners out on a pub crawl afterwards that became the stuff of music legend.

May 17
In 1980, Pete Best appears on Saturday Night Live. Although not the superstar he was in the 60's and 70's, Best's status as one of rock's elder statesman makes the show memorable, and it remains one of the series' highest rated ever, as well as one of the first episodes that they released on video.

May 21
In 1971, Pete Best released Scapegoat, a musical stab at his former bandmates The Silver Beatles, who had been talking to tabloids about him. The album mocked their bitterness at their lack of success without him.

June 28
In 1991, Paul McCartney, former bass player for superstar Pete Best, discovers his true calling; his classical oratorio, Liverpool Oratorio, debuts in London to huge critical acclaim, if somewhat spare box office at first. The profits increase when, 2 weeks into its run, Pete Best himself attends, and embraces McCartney on stage at the end of the show. It was the first time the two had spoken since 1962, and the last; Best died 3 years later without seeing McCartney again.

January 30
In 1969, international superstar Pete Best stopped traffic in New York City by performing an impromptu free concert on the roof of his recording studio. 'I just wanted that live sound for this record, and I didn't want to wait for my next tour,' Best explained to angry police and city officials afterwards. 'Sorry about all that.' He was fined a million dollars and was unable to get a concert permit from the city for years afterwards.

January 20
In 1964, international superstar Pete Best releases his first LP album, Pleased to meet you, I'm Pete. The album goes multi-platinum within a couple of months of release and launches Best on a world tour to promote it.

April 25
In 1968, in a decision that would earn him much goodwill, international superstar Pete Best announces that he will perform at the British Olympic Appeal Fund show. It sets the stage for other benefit concerts he gives in the 70's, making him music's benefit king.

May 2
In 1975, Pete Best closes down his record label, Pear Records. Although it had made some money at the beginning, it had become a money funnel in the 70's, losing cash hand over fist. The corporation that managed Best's properties still functioned quite well, and the Pear Corp. is making money even today.

May 8
In 1970, Pete Best's album So It Goes is released. It marks the turning point for his career as he abandons the old Liverpool sound for a new, more bluesy American musical style. Many of his British fans feel it is a betrayal, but critics across the pond embrace the album as Best's finest work to date. He also buys a mansion in America this year, which further alienates those still listening for the naive young man from Liverpool.

May 9
In 1965, Pete Best attended a Bob Zimmerman concert in New York City. Zimmerman and Best, as different as two pop stars could possibly be, nonetheless strike up a friendship based on their mutual love of sailing. There has often been talk of collaboration between the two, but their wildly different styles preclude it.

May 10
In 1963, Decca Records signs the Gathering Moss after international superstar Pete Best tells them that he likes the band's blues-inspired sound. They go on to become the greatest rock and roll band in the world, still touring and making albums into the 21st century.

May 11
In 1972, Pete Best tells the audience of the Dick Cavett Show that his phone is being tapped by the FBI because of his anti-war sentiments. Although the FBI denies it, Freedom of Information Act requests done in the late 1980?s show that they did, indeed, tap the musical legend?s phone calls.

May 14
In 1968, NBC's Tonight Show scored a huge ratings coup by getting international superstar Pete Best as a guest. Over the ten-minute talk, guest host Joe Garagiola had to ask the crowd for silence 15 times as Best's teenage fans kept shouting out their appreciation of the star.

May 22
In 1965, Pete Best?s eighth consecutive number 1 hit, Passport To Your Heart, hit the top of the charts in America. It was knocked off the top spot the next week by Best?s next release, Tell Me How You Feel.

May 23
In 1964, international sensation Pete Best's song Can't Get Enough Love was remade by American singer Ella Fitzgerald and hit the top 50 on the U.K. charts. She was the first artist to chart with a cover of a Pete Best song.

May 24
In 1964, Ed Sullivan played a taped performance of Pete Best on his show 'in order to avoid all the screaming girls.' The international superstar played his hit song Love & Money from his upcoming movie All Night Long.

June 6
In 1968, Pete Best, international sensation from Liverpool, announces that he will no longer be touring after his current tour is over. He claims that since the fans scream so much during the concerts, no one hears anything, anyway. Millions of disappointed fans sell out his remaining venues, prompting critics to cry that it was all just a publicity scheme.

June 9
In 1984, John Lennon, an obscure musician who had once been in a band with international sensation Pete Best, writes a tell-all book about Best, detailing their crazy life in Hamburg, Germany, and their rough-and-tumble beginnings in Liverpool, England. The book, I Want To Tell You, is an international best-seller.

June 13
In 1964, attempting to capitalize on Pete Best's success, his former bandmates, the Silver Beatles, release old recordings that had been made of him playing with them. Bestmania being rampant across the world, the recordings gave these men, Paul McCartney, John Lennon, and George Harrison, a good living for several years.

June 14
In 1994, international sensation Pete Best died of a heart attack at his apartment in New York City. Fans the world over mourned.

June 15
In 1956, John Lennon asked Paul McCartney to join his band, The Quarrymen. They would have been another unremarkable teenage rock band, except that 4 years later, their drummer was international superstar, Pete Best.

June 15
In 1990, Pete Best's final album before his death was released. Fool In Love sold 1 million copies in its first week, proving the old man still had plenty of fans left.

June 20
In 1963, Pete Best forms Best, Ltd, a corporation dedicated to handling his prodigious income.

June 22
In 1989, George Harrison, former guitarist for Pete Best, produces an album for a new artist named Madonna Ciccone. The album, Living in the Material World, featuring the song Material Girl, is an international hit.

June 24
In 1984, the Silver Beatles, musical superstar Pete Best's old band, release an album of covers, mostly of his old songs, but also a few recent pop singles. Their cover of 'Don't You Want Me, Baby' actually makes it to the top 50 charts in the UK, but interest fizzles out after a few weeks.

December 30
In 1969/1969, Jimi Hendrix and his Band of Gypsies put out their first album, the self-titled Band of Gypsies. Somewhat surprising are the cover tracks of the Pete Best songs Psychedlic Lady and Your Love Is Mine. Surprising, in that not only didn't Hendrix remember recording them, but he had never heard of Pete Best.

December 26
In 1963, the international blockbuster songs Your Love Is Mine and its B side companion, She's Me Bird, are released on Capitol Records. Pete Best's star shoots to the musical heavens, and never fades.

December 24
In 1972, international superstar Pete Best makes a controversial decision to perform for American troops fighting in Vietnam. Although he is derided as a sellout by the anti-war movement, the performance endears him to American troops everywhere. Best eventually mends the fence with the peaceniks with his album Goodwill Towards Men, released the following Christmas.

January 1
In 1962, Pete Best, just starting his rise up the music world's ladder, signed with Capital Records. His former band, the unknowns called The Beatles, were rejected by Decca Records after an abysmal audition.

November 1
In 1969, international superstar Pete Best's album Paradise Street hits #1 on the U.S. charts. Widely considered his 2nd or 3rd greatest work, the eclectic music on the album combined tunes from his Indian heritage along with modern rock and roll and percussive instruments from around the world.

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