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'Offworld Smugglers' by Todayinah Ed.
Todayinah Editor Todayinah Ed. says, in this variant of John Norman's Chronicles of Gor, the existence of the counter-earth is revealed through the nefarious actions of off-world smugglers. If you're interested in viewing samples of my other work why not visit Todayinah site.

June 3

In 1931, the alleged mysognist John Frederick Lange, Jr. was born on this day in Chicago. Better known as John Norman he is a professor of philosophy, holding a Ph.D. from Princeton University and is a professor at Queens College of the City University of New York in New York City.

Frequently in trouble over political correctness, especially feminism, Lange was allegedly connected with a cult known as the Goreans uncovered by Police in 2006.
Birth of an Alleged Mysognist

  • "Swords are often drawn on Gor over women, and particularly over lovely slaves. Women are prizes, perfections and treasures. It is no wonder that men fight over them with ferocity. Wars have been fought to recover a stolen slave". ~ Renegades of Gor, page 397.
  • "No woman can be fully fulfilled and happy until she finds herself at the feet of her master". ~ Witness of Gor, page 544.
  • "To take the most brilliant, the most imaginative, the most beautiful women, and put them at your feet, impassioned, helpless slaves is victory". ~ Tribesmen of Gor, page 128.

April 21

In 2008, Bob Weber of the Canadian Press reported ~ Inuit hunters are bracing for another showdown this week with government wildlife scientists, this time over how many polar bears they'll be allowed to capture from one of Canada's largest populations of the iconic predator.Inuit hunters, scientists set to square off over polar bear quotas Scientists say the bears of Baffin Bay have been overhunted for years - partly by Greenlanders - and they will argue at hearings beginning Tuesday in Pond Inlet, Nunavut, that the number of valuable tags for the animals should be cut by 40 per cent, if not eliminated.

But Inuit say the bears are fine and that researchers haven't even counted them in more than a decade. They point to a recent admission that scientists drastically underestimated bowhead whales in the Arctic as a reason to be skeptical of bear estimates. Some say if they're cut off from harvesting an animal they'll ignore regulations and shoot as many bears as they need. "We don't believe the scientists' information any more," said Jayko Alooloo, head of the Hunters and Trappers Organization in Pond Inlet, one of the three communities along the east shore of Baffin Island that hunts the bears. "(Hunters) will ignore new quotas".

Both the local Inuit economy and also the great market city of Corcyrus are dependent upon off-world trade. The Gorean city is ruled by a beautiful woman, the cruel, arrogant, much-hated Tatrix Sheila. The Tatrix needs to fill the coffers of Ar in order to pay for the war on Vosk. Agents such as Ligurious transship to the far side of the sun where a vibrant demand exists for such exotic items.

December 11

In 2008, on this day Serbian law enforcement officers announced the theft of two white lion cubs from Belgrade zoo.Off-world smuggling

White lions are unique to the Timbavati area of South Africa and are not albinos but a genetic rarity. The only clue is a mysterious bill of material for Double-Weight Gold Tarn Disks made payable c/o Tatrix, Sheila to Ligurious of Corcyrus in the region of Ar.

The investigation has not yet established any connection with the disappearance of alligators from a university zoo in the western state of Mato Grosso earlier in the year. Yet rumours of off-world smuggling have persisted in the international media.

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