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'The Johnny Damon Story' by Guest Historian Chris Oakley
Guest Historian Guest Historian Chris Oakley says, this thread explores what might have happened if Johnny Damon had pursued a career in the NHL. If you're interested in viewing samples of my other work why not visit the Changing the Times web site.
Johnny Damon

November 5

On this day in 1973, future Detroit Red Wings center Johnny Damon was born in Fort Riley, Kansas.

 - Johnny Damon
Johnny Damon

February 22

On this day in 1980, Johnny Damon's family visited Lake Place to see the US Olympic hockey team's 'Miracle On Ice' win againt the Soviet Union.

In later years Damon would credit this game as being the moment when he first made up his mind to pursue a career in the NHL.

 - Miracle on Ice
Miracle on Ice

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