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'Da Vinci Engine' by Guest Historian Eric Lipps
Guest Historian Guest Historian Eric Lipps says, in this thread we explore Leonard Da Vinci's inventions during the sixteenth century with a modified outcome. If you're interested in viewing samples of my other work why not visit My AOL site.
Leonard Da Vinci

April 9


On this day in 1504, Leonardo da Vinci demonstrates the first practical steam engine to his patron.

The inventor envisions the new engine as a power source for a number of other, previously unworkable inventions in his notebooks. His original engine, however, proves too inefficient to make these devices (which include versions of the tank, the submarine and the airplane) practical.

Inventor - Leonard Da Vinci
Leonard Da Vinci

DaVinci wills his notebooks to the Vatican. However, by the tie he dies in 1519, copies of most of them have been secretly prepared by an assistant in exchange for large bribes. Their contents, which include a full description of da Vinci's engine, will inspire a wave of experimentation. Improved versions of the engine are put to work in such applications as pumping water from flooded mines.

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