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'Tom Selleck stars as an Alternate Indiana Jones' by Guest Historian Zach Timmons
Guest Historian Guest Historian Zach Timmons says, this thread is based around the idea that Tom Selleck and not Harrison Ford wins the role of Indiana Jones, thus sending their respective careers in different directions. If you're interested in viewing samples of my other work why not visit Todayinah site.

May 16

In 1993, on this day planning begins on the fourth Star Trek series, "Star Trek: Voyager". Centering on the Federation starship USS Voyager and its attempt to return to the Alpha Quadrant after being displaced 70,000 light years away in the Delta Quadrant, the series will star Harrison Ford as Captain John Patrick "JP" Nelson, Kate Mulgrew as First Officer Kathryn Janeway, and Robert Duncan McNeill as Lt. Tom Paris.

Harrison Ford stars in Star Trek: VoyagerIn its seven year run, Voyager earns much critical acclaim, as does Ford for his portrayal of Captain Nelson, haunted by his past run-ins with the Borg. First introduced in the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode "The Best of Both Worlds pt. 1" as a starship commander who goes rogue following the Borg-caused deaths of his family, Nelson is eventually captured and assimilated himself, only being rescued and cured by his Academy classmate Jean-Luc Picard (who at one point, with tears in his eyes, is forced to order the Enterprise to fire upon his old friend). The episode consistently ranks as one of the best of any Star Trek series.

May 17

In 1980, on this day Tom Selleck is announced as the titular star of Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark after months of negotiations.

Tom Selleck plays Indiana JonesSelleck had been originally chosen for the role, but was forced to decline due to scheduling conflicts with the filming of Magnum P.I. However, a writer's strike delays production of the show by over six months, giving Selleck an opportunity to do Raiders; after obtaining Universal's permission, he speaks to director Steven Spielberg and wins the role of the intrepid archaeologist.

The movie is a box-office smash, becoming one of the highest-grossing films of all time and launching Selleck's career as a major Hollywood star, and is followed by three sequels: Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (1984), Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade (1989), and Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine (1999), as well as the TV series The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles.

June 12

In 1981, on this day the American action-adventure film "Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark" premiered in cinemas across the United States. Directed by Steven Spielberg and produced by George Lucas, the movie starred Tom Selleck (pictured) in the leading role.

Tom Selleck plays Indiana Jones 2Due to his critical success in the role, Selleck was briefly considered for the part of Rick Deckard in the movie "Blade Runner". Unable to make the transition to a role with more dramatic depth, he failed the screen audition miserably.

Director Ridley Scott then turned to the surprise choice of English actor Gordon Sumner (known as Sting) who had auditioned well for the part of the replicant Roy Batty. His on-screen intensity delivered the part of Fayd Rautha in the 1984 movie "Dune" followed by a string of other movies in the SciFi mileau.

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