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December 28

In 1948, following stunning victories at the Battles of Bir 'Asluj and 'Auja, Israeli Defence Forces from the Negev and 8th brigades enter the Sinai at night capturing Umm Katef and Abu Ageila.

Zionist Dystopia
Greater Israel Captures the Suez Canal
The Egyptian expeditionary force in Palestine was encircled at the decisive Battle of Rafahand and by early January the war is over.

The architect of Operation Horev was the brilliant IDF Southern Commander Yigal Allon (pictured). His personal triumph succeeded in trapping the Egyptian Army in the Gaza Strip. Against very long odds, this remarkable feats of arms had assured the creation of a viable State of Israel.

And Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion was bequeathed not only a Jewish State that included as its capital the disputed City of Jerusalem, but unexpectedly, the glittering economic prize of the Suez Canal. The Jewel in the Crown of the Kingdom of David.

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