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December 22

In 2001, on this day Ursula K. Le Guin finally relented and endorsed a movie adaptation of her epic 1968 fantasy novel "A Wizard of Earthsea".

Deed of GedThe author had previously rejected screenplays that simply followed the book's structure by depicting a strong central protagonist leading the Shadow Quest. Instead the inner construction of the film would be built around the story-within-the-story, the narration of the "Deed of Ged" by his companion Estarriol of Iffish.

If this inside-out perspective was not enough to offer something new and compelling, then the alternative ending was a further surprise for long-term fans of the Earthsea Quartet. As depicted at the climax of the book, the Archmage Ged embraces his evil self on a boat in the open sea. For a moment Estarriol is unsure who has won out, but when the wizard bursts into tears, it is clear that he is in the reassuringly safe presence of his friend from the school for wizards on Roke. Whereas in the movie, his sister Yarrow suspects that the Archmage has actually been possessed and is bent upon the domination of Earthsea.

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