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July 7

In 1968, Keith Potger and Judith Durham joined together in holy matrimony before God and many witnesses, including bandmates and dear friends Athol Guy (who acted as Potger's best man) and Bruce Woodley, in a beachfront wedding at beautiful Mornington, Victoria.

The SeekersPotger, Guy, and Woodley, along with Ken Ray, had been performing under the name of The Seekers throughout Melbourne since 1962. Ray left the band to get married and was replaced by Judith Durham, an established traditional jazz singer who knew Athol Guy by means of a mutual workplace. Impressed with her vocal abilities, Guy introduced Durham to Bruce Woodley, who agreed that the band would be much better off with Judith in the fold.

The 21-year-old Potger was the last of The Seekers to be introduced to the 19-year-old Durham, and he later recalled the moment as "love at first sight". Durham's classically-trained singing voice made the love-struck Keith believe that he was listening to an angel from Heaven as they performed together, and audiences around Melbourne were soon agreeing wholeheartedly. Despite Keith's heart-felt affections, his quiet nature led him to remain silent. The apparent knowledge that Judith was harboring a huge (and long-lasting) crush on Bruce reinforced his silence, and he endeavored to refocus his attentions on music and the success of the band.
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