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December 13

In 1984, on this day the Commander of the Thunder Bay Defense Force (TBDF) Colonel Giraud Leppe (pictured) overthrew the legitimate government of the northwestern portion of the pre-Doomsday Canadian province of Ontario and declared the formation of a Social Republic with himself as President. A compressed installment of the fabulous 1983: Doomsday thread published on Althistory Wikia.

Doomsday Reaches Northern OntarioAs the head of one of the last survivalist governments in North America, his predecessor Mayor Walter Assef had waited for a telephone call from the Canadian Government that would never come. He had however been forced to organize the TBDF from former Canadian military units in order to repel increasing number of raiders who were crossing the border from the former U.S. state of Minnesota. After the defeat of a large raiding party at the Battle of of Neebing, Leppe and his officers had decided to take matters into their own hands.

During the Doomsday conflict, the nearest nuclear detonation had occured in Winnipeg and at least in the short-term the 90,000 human population of Thunder Bay was largely unaffected. However by the harsh winter with temperatures dropping to their customary level of minus thirty matters had become desperate with food stocks starting to run low. The harvest was a disaster, and fishing stocks fell victim to radiation poisoning. Rationing was introduced, followed by a series of increasingly draconian measures, but it was by no means certain that the Social Republic - by now a Fascist Mini-state - could long survive.

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