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October 14

In 1644, on this day William Penn was born at Tower Hill, London, the son of Admiral Sir William Penn and Margaret Jasper, previously the widow of a Dutch captain, and the daughter of a rich Dutch merchant from Rotterdam.
This post is an article from the Midshipman George Washington thread.

Midshipman George Washington #4bAn English real estate entrepreneur, philosopher, he was the founder of the Province of Pennsylvania, the English North American colony and the future Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Also he was an early champion of democracy and religious freedom, notable for his good relations and successful treaties with the Lenape Indians. Under his direction, the city of Philadelphia was planned and developed.

Long after his death in 1718, the Pennsylvania Legislature began to call for a royal charter granted by the crown and a chief executive appointed by the king. The men sent to London to argue the case for royalization were Benjamin Franklin and his companion Joseph Galloway. Arriving in London dressed in a blue suit with elaborate gold braid and buttons, Franklin's personal gain was unmistakeable. And sure enough he would return to Philadelphia as the newly appointed Royal Governor of Pennsylvania, and his chief justice would of course be none other than Joseph Galloway.

During the visit Franklin had also been consulted by the British Cabinet on the sensitive issue of colonial taxation; he had offered the terribly misinformed advice that indirect taxation would be considered acceptable by his countrymen. A letter from a friend warned that "People have imbibed the Notion that you had a Hand, in the framing [of a parliamentary tax on America]", whilst his wife sent a message informing him that a dangerous mob had gathered menacingly outside their new house in Philadelphia.

When war between Great Britain and the Colonies broke out, Franklin and Galloway were seen as the most hated loyalists in America. Years later in exile in Montreal, Franklin would still rage at his countrymen, "Bone of our bone ; born and educated among us!".
This is an alternate ending to Robbie Taylor's Canadian Revolution thread which ends with the Revolution Founding Fathers living in Exile in Montreal continuing to plot against the British Empire.

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