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November 4

In 1066, on this day King Harold's English Army stood poised on London bridge with the Viking and Norman invaders on either bank of the Thames.

The Battle of London Bridge by Ed, Jackie Speel & Scott PalterAs expected, William the B*stard had landed on the South coast, a location that meet his communication and logistical needs from Normandy. However, the Vikings had surprised the English by choosing a landing point out of the Danelaw (the invading Norwegian force was led by King Harald Hardrada of Norway and the English king's brother Tostig Godwinson).

Unable to march out and meet either invading army without leaving the Capital undefended, Harold had decided to stay in London. He also began to explore options for an accommodation with either or both usurpers. Incredibly, the best prospect appeared to be a deal with Tostig, who Harold had outlawed twelve months before. Such an unlikely settlement would permit a joint English-Viking attack on the Normans. Of course that outcome was Tostig's plan from the very beginning..

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