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November 12

In 2012, on this day Fox News released shocking new details of the so-called Battle of Benghazi.

Embedded Journalist 2Because on the anniversary of September 11, a heavily armed group attacked the US consulate and a nearby intelligence compound killing Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens and three other members of his diplomatic mission.

The report also included video footage of a speech given by Paula Broadwell, the "plague rat" journalist at the centre of the David Petraeus resignation scandal. On October 26th she said that the CIA annex was used to imprison Libyan militia members and this may have been the motivation behind the attack on the consulate. A Fox News Source subsequently confirmed that the CIA Annex was used as a detention center for not just militia members, but for prisoners from all parts of Northern Africa and the Middle East.

The CIA denied these allegations but the revelation forced former CIA Director Petraeus to be be subpoenaed to speak at the Senatorial hearings. He was previously excused because of his resignation as D/CIA.

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