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November 9

In 1330, the inexorable Hungarian march to the Black Sea continued with a hard-fought victory in the Carpathian Mountains.

Charles I Robert survives Wallachian ambushA small Wallachian army formed of cavalry, foot archers, as well as local peasants led by Basarab ambushed the 30,000-strong army of Charles I Robert in a mountainous region near the border between Oltenia and Severin.

The Hungarians had entered Curtea de Argeş, the main city of the Wallachian state and realised that Basarab had fled into the mountains and decided to give chase. After many days of difficult marching in the Carpathian Mountains, with his troops beginning to starve, the king and Basarab agreed to an armistice, with the condition that the latter would provide guides who knew the way out of the mountains and would lead the army back to the Hungarian plain by the shortest route. The guides, however, were ordered to lead the Hungarians into an ambush. However the Cumans[1] switches sides and warned Charles I Robert, who was able to defeat the Wallachians by outflanking them in a ravine from where they planned to attack.

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