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November 5

In 1757, the allied armies of France and the Holy Roman Empire defeated the Prussians at the Battle of ßossbach, in the Electorate of Saxony.

Prussians crash to defeat at Battle of RossbachThe victory was largely due to the vigilance of Charles, Prince de Soubise who had correctly anticipated the springing of a deadly trap by his dastardly Prussian counterpart, King Frederick II. Because the Prussian army broke camp and moved leaving a handful of light troops (pictured) to oppose the French advanced post, the flank guard on the Schartau hill. Half an hour after the King gave the order, they attacked but found the enemy prepared for a robust response.

General von Seydlitz and Prince Henry of Prussia were both killed in the intense fighting. And despite their valiant the Prussian force of three thousand five hundred horsemen was simply too small to defeat an entire Army of two combined European powers - once the element of surprise was neutralized.

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