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March 1

In 330 BC, on this day Alexander of Macedonians sent the main force of his army to Persepolis.

The Glory that is PersepolisBut on the Royal Road, they were intercepted by Persian King Bardiya's elite troops, an army battle-hardened by years of warfare conquering Indian kingdoms. The young conqueror was killed, enabling the Persians to turn their attention westward again.

In time, they would reconquer Egypt and briought back their old allies in Phoenicia for a successful invasion of Greece. After putting the Greeks under control, they pressed westward in the Mediterranean, taking the defeated Carthage as a protectorate and conquering the upstart Latins in their village called Rome.

Eventually the Persian Empire would spread from what the Greeks called the Pillars of Hercules (Gibraltar) to the nestled southeastern edge of the Himalayas. And Persepolis would become the capital of the modern world that it is today.

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