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February 27

In 1917, fortieth President of the United States John Bowden Connally, Jr. was born on this day in Floresville, Texas. An installment of our variation of Eric Lipp's No Chappaquiddick thread where JFK survives Dallas.

Birth of POTUS John ConnallyUnder President Jack Kennedy, he served as Secretary of the Navy before his election as the 39th Governor of Texas. And he was a passenger in the car when Jackie Kennedy was killed by a disgruntled former marine, Lee Harvey Oswald.

Only seventeen days after the assassination, the FBI published a report in which Director J. Edgar Hoover concluded that the motive was a grudge dating back to 1962 when the former Secretary of the Navy turned down a reconsideration of Lee Harvey Oswald's dishonourable discharge from the US Marine Corps. The decision prevented him from applying for the service entitlement benefits he was seeking to raise his young family. In a remorseful letter to the Navy dated 30th January 1962 he regretted his lie about the real reason for leaving the service, a false declaration which had resulted in the discharge being changed from honourable to dishourable, standard procedure in the US Marine Corps.

After leaving the Governorship in 1969, he made a remarkable transition to the GOP, serving in President George Romney's single-term cabinet as United States Secretary of Treasury. Romney was defeated by Ted Kennedy in the general election of 1972, and within five years, Connally was being talked of as the runaway candidate for fortieth President of the United States.

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