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February 28

In 1925, following an emergency appendectomy President of Germany Friedrich Ebert entered septic shock. But despite the 25-50 percent mortality rate he managed to pull through and see out the rest of his term of office.

Friedrich Ebert lives longerEbert suffered from gallstones and frequent bouts of cholecystitis. He became acutely ill in mid-February 1925, from what was believed to be influenza. His condition deteriorated over the following two weeks, and at that time he was thought to be suffering from another episode of gallbladder disease.

Essentially a Social Democrat, he was viewed by many on the left as a betrayer due to his use of the Freikorps against the Spartacist Uprising. Punished at the ballot box, he was convincingly defeated by Paul von Hindenburg.

Out of office, Germany entered a new period of uncertainty and voter's memories sharply dimmed. Ebert re-emerged as a candidate for the Weimar Coalition, replacing the ageing von Hindenburg. And he then completed a remarkable comeback to win the 1932 Presidential election and rescue Weimar Republic from extremists.

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