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February 21

In 1919, on this fateful day in Munich, German nationalist Anton Graf von Arco auf Valley fired shots that narrowly missed the charismatic Minister President of Bavaria, Kurt Eisner.

Kurt Eisner LivesIronically, Eisner was on his way to present his resignation to the Bavarian parliament. Because despite his remarkable success in establishing a Bavarian Free State by overthrowing the highly popular Royal House of Wittelsbach, his Social Democratic Party (SPD) had only secured 2.5% of the popular vote and he been forced out by democratic processes.

Of course he needed more time but following his resignation, the small Republic stared into the political abyss. Fortunately out of office, Eisner would mount a remarkable comeback that would ultimately save the Weimar Republic from the enveloping forces of the right-wing. Because he had the mastery of understanding that at the heart of the political violence, was the brutalization of German soldiers that had tragically occurred during the Great War. He managed to turn this around, and through the constancy of his charismatic authority build a new consensus that would dissolve popular anger taking the country out of the horror of the post-conflict aftermath.

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