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February 20

In 1547, on this day Edward VI of England was crowned King of England at Westminster Abbey.

Coronation of Edward VIHowever he became deadly ill in January 1553 with a fever and cough that gradually worsened. Due to the premature demise of his uncle and half-brother, it was even feared that the Tudors might suffer from a genetic disorder.

The imperial ambassador, Scheyfve, reported that "he suffers a good deal when the fever is upon him, especially from a difficulty in drawing his breath, which is due to the compression of the organs on the right side .. I opine that this is a visitation and sign from God". But Edward felt well enough in early April to take the air in the park at Westminster and to move to Greenwich. Following his miraculous recovery, he set about choosing a suitable spouse from amongst the high dynastic houses of Europe, with preference for a Protestant German princess.

Of course this choice triggered the departure of his half-sister Mary Tudor who fled to Rome seeking recognition as the rightful Queen of England on the Continent. But it came to nought, and Edward launched a fifty year reign in which the nation would bask in the glorious Edwardian Era that would last until his death in 1598.

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