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February 20

In 1862, on this day "Willie" Lincoln recovered from a life-threatening condition caused by the consumption of contaminated water drawn from the Potomac River, along which thousands of soldiers and horses were camped. His younger brother Tad who had been similarly afflicted also pulled through.

Notorious Hellions, allHe was named after Mary's brother-in-law Dr. William Wallace. He and his younger brother were considered "notorious hellions" during the period they lived in Springfield. They're recorded by Abraham's law partner William Herndon for turning their law office upside down; pulling the books off the shelves while their father appeared oblivious to their behaviour.

The third son of Abraham Lincoln and Mary Todd Lincoln would eventually be voted President of the United States in 1904, on the forty-fourth anniversary of his father's election to the office for a single term. He struck up an unlikely relationship with Joseph Evan Davis, son of the ill-fated Confederate President. And it was Joe that had suggested Willie include in his inaugural address a personal note from his fathers diary, dated on his birthday 20th December 21, 1850 "Something had been missing from this harsh world, but finally, it was fulfilled" [1]. Because of the miraculous recovery his father had re-learnt an important lesson from his wayward sons, to knock on every door and tell the American people that love, love was the answer.

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